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About Eddie Mack

Edward London Mack (he says in the very telling third person) was born. That’s pretty much all he’s prepared to say at this time about that, except that the room service was lousy and the food was terrible, but the young lady who turned down the bed was wonderful. Moving on.

He grew up to be a curmudgeon. He writes and sells absolute bullshit to finance this lifelong pursuit. You may have read some of his work, but then, given the state of publishing for the last twenty years, it’s highly unlikely. He’ll be republishing them himself as they become available. Meanwhile, there’s new stuff to flog, so why not talk about that instead? That’s all that kids are interested in these days, or so Eddie has been told on many, many occasions.

This blog will be both career-oriented and personal, but not TOO personal. Eddie has read your private thoughts, and they keep him up at night, but he’s also read your sales posts, and they make him throw up in his mouth a little, so there won’t be much of that. Mostly talking about how it feels to have insomnia while writing in a dark room at 4 AM with bad gas and chest muck. Hope you enjoy it as much as he does.






















Yes, for the record, Eddie Mack is a pen name of Lee Edward McIlmoyle. Thank you for playing, your prize is in the mail.

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