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Do You Climb Into Space to the World Where You Live

June 9, 2012

Good Morning, Mackrophiles,

I’m looking at an exceptional piece of Urban Art painted on a wall in Downtown Hamilton (that’s the Downtown Core, for those living above the escarpment who get the whole Downtown thing muddled), and I’m wondering how difficult it would be to design and implement a mural on the scale the SCAssoc. Have in mind for Carter Park. It would have to be very long, and I’m not sure this artist would be able to dream up a whole mural in that fashion.

However, I’ve done murals before, and I think I can sort of feel how it would go, except I think I’d need collaborators to get it done properly, not simply for the painting part, which would take some time, but for the design and ideas, because really, a tableau this big (it’s really several connecting walls, as I understand it) requires quite a bit of coverage. Perhaps something that evokes both city and suburban life, a little bit of historical appeal, a lot of bold urban colour and design aesthetic, and maybe a touch of whimsy here and there. It needs to be fantastical and surreal in places, but modern and down to Earth in others. It sounds like a job that could take weeks just to design, and I’ve heard nothing about how they plan to implement this thing.

One idea the SNAP Committee had (IIRC) was that it would all be done by one local artist, which to my mind is ludicrous, because the design work alone would take weeks, and the painting would take months, and it’s June. I’ve got a strong mind to start designing something now, just to hedge my bets, in case they don’t come up with anything better. Of course, I’m probably not eligible to submit, given that I’m on the team that’s supposed to select the art, amongst other things, for the park renewal. Frankly, I’ve begun to suspect that the entire team is surplus to the city’s requirements, but anyway…

In other news, an old friend of the family and a former client/patron of mine has passed away. There is a lot of tension and strain between our families these days, but I nevertheless wish them peace of mind and an easing of sadness. His suffering is over. R.I.P. Peter.

I was hoping I’d have an idea of what I wanted to do with my day by the time I finished this post, but it seems I’m as directionless as I was when I woke up; perhaps even more so, because at least then I knew I wanted to check my mail and see what my friends were doing. Having done that, I’m now of the mind that I’d like to go visit someone and get out of this place. However, the weather isn’t so good, so I’m not likely to go out unless asked specifically for a visit.

Time to change gears and find something to do. Have a good day. Thank you for reading.


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