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A Note To My Readers

March 26, 2012

Good morning, Mackronauts.

I just want to say how glad I am to have you. All of you. Even the noisy on in the third row. It means a lot to know people are actually out there reading what I write, even if it is only a blog about a guy trying to revive his writing career.

Anyway, I also want to apologize for not having the second half of my Out With Dad review up yet. I’m still writing it. I’ve been waylaid by the time honoured need to make some money, so I’ve been drawing a logo for a preferred client. I don’t do a lot of graphic design these days, since I shifted over to full-time fiction writing (and music recording, as it turns out, though that wasn’t really part of the plan), so when I DO do graphic design these days, I like it to be on projects I’m happy to be involved with. The logo I’m working on right now (which I am not at liberty to show you) definitely fits that description. I can tell you that it’s for a video game being developed by a friend of mine. I’ll let her decide when to start unveiling the work I do for her.

So I’ve got to do some revision work on the logo, and then I can get back to work on the review, which I hope will happen in a few hours. If all goes well, I should have the back half of the review online before dinner. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks for reading.

Uncle Eddie

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