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Every Day You’re Doing That Thing

March 22, 2012

Good Morning, Mackroscopers,

I’m running a little late with this post, but at least I’m doing one, after days of cleaning and painting our friends Jenn, Ani, Alex and The Kiddo’s old house, which should be going up for sale shortly.

Today will be a music day, working with my buddy Gary, who says he wants to rerecord the guitars for Derrick’s ‘Lady in the Field’. I think I’m supposed to clean up the bass line for that, too. Not sure. That might have been one of the easier ones, so it might already be in good shape. I’ve been listening to too many demos at a time, it seems. I’m also hoping to get Derrick over to record his vocal part, when he gets off work, if he manages to get off early. That should hopefully put one more song demo in the can. at the rate I’m getting tracks sorted out, I really do think the album will be ready by summer, which would be immensely satisfying, knowing I can get that much complicated work done in that space of time.

Unlike Bisecting a Circumference, I intend to spend enough time with each of these tracks that the new album (The Whole Other Half) will be about as professionally polished as I know how to make them. I’m STILL not going to fuss over things I think are flaws that other people don’t really mind, but I AM going to rerecord tracks that need replaying to take care of badly flubbed notes and such. I like a little quirky imperfection here and there, but some bad notes are jarring. I’m planning on getting those out of there, time permitting.

I haven’t set a hard deadline, but I do want to have it done so we can maybe start rehearsing and gigging the songs around town and get our playing skills back into shape. By my standards, that about as counter-intuitive as it comes, but I’ve made up my mind that the biggest mistake we made last time around was not going out and playing like a real band. It might be too late in life for this, but hey, you can’t have a proper mid-life crisis if you don’t start doing at least one recklessly stupid thing you were always afraid of doing in the past.

Okay, I better start getting things ready. Have a great day, and thanks for reading. Tomorrow, I go back to work on my in-depth analysis of the Out With Dad web series.

Uncle Eddie.

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