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On My Mind – a lyric from The Whole Other Half (album)

March 16, 2012

On My Mind (Instrumental demo)


Now you’re gone
It occurs to me
That in all this time
You never asked me what was on my mind.

Even you can see the irony of this
But I’m sure that you don’t care enough to
Set things straight.

Will you still tell me
When I’ve asked too much
I want to trust you
But I’m not too sure of myself just yet.

Even I can see the problem starts with me
But I hope you understand
That I need a guiding hand.

So if you ask me
What’s been on my mind
I want to tell you
But I’m afraid I won’t like what I hear.

I can’t see
The forest for the trees
Cart before the horse again
And I’ve reached the end of me.

I called you up, I thought I’d ask for help
But I couldn’t speak my mind for praying
That the words would come out right.

We’re coming to the end
And I’m trying to see things through
But I have to fight back tears when I think of
All the time I let slip through my hands for you.

And I’m so frustrated and
So bound and gagged inside
And I’m scared to leave without you
But I’m past due upon this shelf.

If you ever ask me
What’s been on my mind
I just hope I answer you clearly
‘Cause I’m dying to know myself
MY self

Oh whoa….


© 1998, 2011 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
for Etcetera Thesis Music
from the albums ‘Rough Works in the Margins’ and ‘The Whole Other Half’

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