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Out With Dad – a series review (of sorts)

March 15, 2012

Since the end of 2010, I’ve been watching this incredible little award-winning web series drama called OUT WITH DAD, a wonderful story about a widowed father and his teenaged daughter, a Catholic student growing up in Canada who is coming to the realisation that she is a lesbian, and that she is in love with her best friend, a girl who is confused and upset about possibly being gay as well, because her parents are socially ultra-conservative and will disown her if she is.

I watched this series regularly until I hit a brick wall with season 2 episode 3, where Vanessa’s mother comes over to lecture first Nathan, and then returns home to lecture and insult his daughter, Rose, who was trying to sort out what was happening between her and Vanessa. Vanessa’s mother forbids them to see each other anymore, and Rose comes home to wind up having a fight with her father, who suspects he may have inadvertently outed his daughter to her best friend’s mother.

That’s as far as I got. That episode hit me so hard, I had to stop watching, not because it wasn’t good or because it misrepresented the situation, but because it was too close to the bone for me. I’m not gay (I AM bisexual, actually), but I can just imagine what that scenario would have been like if my mother weren’t as cool as she is. Oddly, I never really had the talk with Mom, but I’ve also never had her forbid me seeing people, and she’s never disowned me, though I’m sure there were times when she wished she could. I guess one day I’ll have to get around to it, but somehow, it just isn’t that essential to me. Yet.

The point is, the episode was so heavy, it hit me hard, and I don’t often run into stories like that. The series has been spot on so far, and I recently started rewatching the series, just to get my toes wet moving toward the new season. I just finished watching the dread episode, and it was hard going. I had to keep stopping and starting it until it was over. I did get through it in one sitting, but now I’ve got to stop so I can work with my buddy Gary on some music. I have the next episode cued up, and I’m hoping to get back to it after Gary leaves.

Time to go. Thanks for reading.

Uncle Eddie.

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  1. March 15, 2012 3:38 PM

    Hey there… I am a product of bully parenting… I came out to my parents and they both disowned me… Threatened to take my kids and harrassed my girlfriend… Its hard I went through a very bad depression and so forth… I recently started blogging on here in hopes of reaching people who have or are going through the same thing… Touching series… I think I may have to look it up


  2. March 15, 2012 9:35 PM

    That’s a very touching “review (of sorts)”. I find that episode hard to watch, also. I’m not gay, but it’s hard to watch anyone be treated so badly.

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