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I Need To Keep My Head Together

March 13, 2012

Good Morning, Macrophiles,

Today’s blog title comes from the brand spanking new Big Wreck album, Albatross, which I will be reviewing ASAP.

Today, we’ve got Kenny the Contractor Guy in the bathroom sanding and vacuuming the wall and hopefully getting a coat of paint on there, and more power to him if he does, as I would dearly love to take a shower before the month is out. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am RIPE!

Yes, I could probably find someone else’s shower, but it’s been difficult to get hold of anybody and actually do the deed, so as a consequence, I’ve been waiting for OVER A WEEK! Almost two, in fact.

Now, normally, I don’t shower every day anyway, because I have this really pathetic skin condition that causes me to break out in little sore spots if I expose myself to water too often. Stupid, really, but I’ve had it since I was a kid. Don’t even know what it’s called, or if it’s related to my eczema. But anyway, I usually wait a day or two on average (sometimes longer), but I DON’T wait two weeks. GAH!

So there you go, a day in the life of your Uncle Eddie. Don’t say I never opened up to you.

Now, your Uncle Eddie has also been hard at work thinking once more about how to tell stories interactively, and has been thinking that it might be really, really nice if he could draw faster, because it’s looking like the thing to do is to select a lot of great words, design logos of those words as virtual cards, and then integrate them into a digital game that plays like a virtual Tarot set, with special layouts for arcs, themes and threads. It would be a great interactive set-up for people to play as a tabletop RPG as well, but I’m trying to figure out how to make it purely digital, so I don’t have to print off card decks. I may have to go that route anyway, but it denies me the chance to really make the art do fun stuff, because I kind of want the big logos to have hidden objects in them, to help tell the story.

As you can see, I’ve been thinking a lot about that since I last posted about it on the LimboInteractive blog.

I have a lot of running around to do today, so I’m not going to get to do the things I really want to, like write some music reviews, but I’m hoping to get the chance to review a few albums while I’m doing laundry later. I may have to move them onto my laptop though, since laundry may be getting done at Mom’s place. I’m actually looking forward to that, because Mom has a working shower. 😉

Time to get the day going. Thanks for reading.


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