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They Must Believe I Was Born Yesterday, They Must Believe I’ve Got Sand for My Brains

March 9, 2012

Good morning, Mackrophiles,

Hope you fed your spambots and put them out for the day. I’ve got so many things on the go, I’m practically useless. I’ve been designing letters for The Art of Words again. I’ve got two songs in the works on the multi-track, and a third, a composition, being doodled together vocally on the micro-recorder. I’m listening to a lot of Tony Banks right now, but I have a few new albums of hard rock and progressive metal to review as well. Gonna get focussed on one of them today, so I don’t miss the Zeitgeist on it: Big Wreck’s new album, Albatross. I’ve been waiting a long time for new Big Wreck, and I’m eager to get started on it. I’ll probably put that review on the OTHER blog, and save this space for the Queensryche and Symphony X reviews I’m planning. I also have Ozzy’s album to contend with, so really, lots of heavy music to tempt you with after weeks of nothing.

Later on, I have to do some work with my buddy Gary, though I’m not sure what track we’ll work on first. Maybe the secret track. It might be nice to get him doing an acoustic track for that, while I prepare the bed track for a friend of mine to lay on some electric guitar, if he’s interested.

The contractors who are supposed to work on my bathroom are supposed to be here by now, but they haven’t arrived yet. Gonna be mighty disappointed if they don’t show.

Still haven’t finished getting my friends’ old house ready for sale. Gonna have to call them up when I get a spare moment to see if they want to pick me up for another session. Would love to see them getting the house cleaned up soon, because there will be more clean-up/touch-up to do after the floor guys get done, and the do want to put the old house up by the end of the month.

Think I’ll go put on a tee shirt and start doing some drum programming.

Uncle Eddie.

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