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Seeking Parlance With Her Majesty

March 4, 2012

Good Afternooooon, Macketeeeeers!

I’ve been working on a petition to try to persuade the Queen of England to intercede on behalf of Canada, where it seems her Governor General is failing to act in the interests of the Canadian public, allowing our rogue Prime Minister and his so-called majority government to ride roughshod all over our rights and international reputation. He’s a dangerous egomaniac, and his legislation is stripping the country bare of its identity and its pride, as well as its assets and industries. A woman from Quebec already tried asking HRM to step in, but was politely refused. I’m of the mind that she needs persuading, and think that a well-written and heavily undersigned petition might do the trick.

In other news, the new music video, Out Of Time, is now the most viewed video on Channel Limbo, and it only took four days to get there. Not terribly impressive numbers, to be honest, but still, not bad for a guy whom nobody has heard before.

There’s other stuff I ought to be doing, but I’m kind of burned out and really just want to veg out and do something light and entertaining for the day. I might play around with my Art of words story, but I may just sit and play an adventure game or read a graphic novel. It’s one of those days.

Hope you folks have had a nice, relaxing weekend. Thanks for reading.

Uncle Eddie.

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