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February 29, 2012

Contractors are here today. Gonna have to skip posting until tomorrow, Macketeers. Thanks.

Lee Edward McIlmoyle's Personal Blog

…the contractors come to fix the water-damaged wall in our bathroom, as well as the tiles in the kitchen, which are on the other side of the same wall. It won’t make my wife love this apartment any more than she already does (which is to say, doesn’t), but at least we’ll be a little less embarrassed about having company over.

I’m trying to do too many things again. I have more songs to work on, the one I’ve been working on is basically done but needs more polish, I still haven’t completed the drawings for the Bride of War print cover, I still have a logo to finish rendering, and I haven’t completed The Back Roads of Limbo anthology. I’m also installing new software to help me edit more video material, which is starting to pile up.

Listening to Tears For Fears and thinking it’s remarkable how often I…

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