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You Know In Your Heart You’ve Got To Break The Chain

February 28, 2012

Good Morning, Mackrophiliacs,

I won’t lie to you, kids. Your Uncle Eddie has been tired. It’s mostly a good tired, brought on by honest effort. I played almost all the parts for Here It Comes Again over the past month or two, but I took my time with that one, despite wanting to get it done last summer, so I could get the gang together to shoot a video and get the ball rolling at long, long last. The video plans fell through, but now I’m not so worried about that, because I’ve started editing video for myself. I figure I’ll shoot the rest of the video for Out of Time today, and then start doing some research to figure out the statistical information I need to tell the story behind the song. Then I’ll just intersplice clips of me playing all of the bloody instruments together with the stats text and see if I can’t kluge together my first rock video all on my own. It’ll kinda suck, but as DIY goes, it doesn’t get much more honest. That should count for something.

I still have a couple of other videos to edit together as well, which I think I’ll spend some time on today. It would be nice to get those out of the way before I start monkeying around with making home made rock videos. It’s just so tempting to get started on Out of Time’s video because I’ve waited so many years to make one.

I was planning on having a new anthology out by the end of the month, but as that’s tomorrow and I’m nowhere near done, I’m thinking I have to push the deadline back a bit. Sorry about that.
Anyway, I’m sure there are tonnes of things you could be doing besides reading me when I’m this distracted, so I’ll just go get dressed, and while I’m out of the room, you can slip out the door and come back tomorrow.

Your (tired) Uncle Eddie.

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