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I Can Never Quite Clearly Define It, And I Can’t See A Reason Why

February 20, 2012

Happy Family Day, Canadian Macrophiles! And to the rest of you, just ignore the Family Day thing, because frankly, I think it’s kind of a bogus holiday too.

I just repaired my laptop. It was a bit trickier than I figured it would be, of course, but still, Operation: Fishy Disc is a near-complete success. I did load up the old walkthrough video, but I didn’t really need it for much more than assurance. It’s nice to almost remember how a thing is done after some time has passed.

See, what had happened was, an old disc of graphics has become unreadable in my PC, and it turns out that it’s even more so in the PowerBook. And the PowerBook has several eject strategies, none of which could deal with a disc that old and unreadable. So Rodney, wherever you are today, that disc you burned for me back in 1999 with my first graphics gig? Is made of fail. *sigh*

Now, I would love to tell you another story to entertain you and such, but I’m wiped out. I spent the better part of yesterday helping Jenn, Ani and Alex move into their new home, and now that almost all of their stuff is under one roof for the first time, they have mountains to put away or throw out, so I think my work is done, for the nonce.

Point being, I’m exhausted and still trying to decompress. One of the things I’ve been doing is playing a lot of Hidden Object and Adventure Games. The other is listening to music through my best set of headphones,which aren’t very good. They’re just about all I have left, though, so they’ll have to do.

I’m particularly enjoying listening to my own pop song, Here It Comes Again, which almost sounds perfect to me. I hear the flaws, but it’s gotten so good, I’m starting to not care about the mistakes.

Anyway, I’m burned out, so I think I’m gonna go eat some brunch or take a nap or something. Have a great day.

Uncle Eddie.

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