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You Never Know, You Never Know

February 15, 2012

Well, I’ve got about two minutes to think of something to post, but it’s not really coming, because I’ve got to go help friends clean plaster dust from their new house. I DID add about a thousand words of text to an old story that I’ve been planning on expanding for several years now. It was the first piece of fiction I ever submitted that got turned down. I wrote it for an internet challenge made by Warren Ellis, an event called Strange Machines, which was to be flash fiction about the future, using some sort of future technology or concept.

I got the idea to write a story about someone who lived and worked on a moon somewhere around a gas giant, and whose society works both day and night, by means of technology that aids in lucid dreams being harnessed to do real world work. It took me about a day to write this very short, very fractured piece of fiction, which I thought was really clever. I don’t know if Warren ever read it, or what he might have thought of it.

I’d been meaning to write more for it over the years, but had trouble getting back to it. I wrote one segment called Going Through The Motions, after a song of my own, but it just sort of petered out because I knew I had a much bigger story to tell, and I didn’t want to keep telling it in the style I’d created for that short story. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I really started back to work on it, in the original format, instead of my be, sprawling interactive graphic novel, which is still waiting for me to get to.

And that’s it for today. I have to finish my tea, brush my teeth and go. I’m already quite late. Thanks for reading.


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