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Just A Little Status Update Today

February 7, 2012

Hey, Mackophiles,

I want to write a proper article and maybe even do it as a video update, but I’m pressed for time and have too much to do today. Aside from running errands, I am over a week behind on that book cover layout I promised. At this rate, I’ll be doing the cover myself, because I’m totally missing Mavinga’s schedule.

I also want to write a few record reviews, including a review for the new Van Halen album, which just came out today. I was figuring on picking it up if I can spare the money. What I’ve heard so far sounds pretty good, but I’d like to do a proper review to see if it holds up to classic VH. I sort of grew up on the stuff, and had the whole collection on cassette for years. I only recently reacquired the collection digitally, after years of my collection being in the hands of my original drummer/song writing partner, Bryan Williams, who doesn’t talk to me any more for some reason that no one has explained to me.

There are a number of albums I’ve got lined up for review, but I’m thinking Chickenfoot and Black Country Communion are on the short list. I’m also trying to write a review for the latest Gotye album, but it’s giving me a bit of trouble because Gotye does some stuff I really like, and some stuff I’m not crazy about. As in ‘ears bleeding’ unhappiness making. I have little taste for music that sounds like a DJ club mix. Every once in a while, a DJ comes along that pleases my ear, but they mostly bore me.

There is a fair list of other albums to come after that, which I’ll be reviewing on this or the other blog, but I’m still hoping to blow through the backlog before too many more new albums I want to review come out this year.

I also have a few movie reviews I’m supposed to be writing for Rodney, and of course, I have piles of short stories that need writing, which I’ve only made little bits of progress on in the last week or so. I’ve been using the book cover conundrum as an excuse to ditch, but I can’t afford to keep that up. Those stories need to get written and published soon. Money is scarce, and anything that brings in a few more bucks is high on my list of priorities these days.

Well, there’s probably stuff I’m forgetting, but that book cover is calling, and I have to get dressed and go pay the rent and such before I can start on that. May also have to scream at the hydro company, which has decided in their infinite wisdom to demand a $100 security deposit, when I obviously don’t have that sort of money to throw around, or I wouldn’t be weeks behind in payments all of the time.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back later with reviews, if I can get time enough to write them.


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