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2/1/12 – Rush Day

February 1, 2012

It seems that Canadian rock fans on the internet are breaking out their Rush albums and giving them a spin in commemoration of today’s rarefied date, February 1st, 2012, or 2/1/12, if you go by certain standards of dating protocol. I don’t have anything better to talk about today, and I DO consider myself to be a pretty avid Rush fan, even though I’ve never seen them live and in person (I have a LOT of their concert videos, though), so I’m gonna talk for a few minutes about my experiences with Rush.

First off, as stated, I’ve never been to one of their concerts. This is a horrendous oversight, but it’s just never happened. Every time they go on tour, I’m flat broke and can’t get tickets. I’ve grown to accept it.

Second, I grew up on Rush. I can still remember seeing LPs of Fly By Night, 2112 and Hemispheres (with the clear red vinyl!) in my house when I was a kid. I didn’t really choose Rush; it was grafted onto my DNA at an early age, and I’ve never really been without their music, even during those years when I was actively ignoring pop music in the early 80s (long story).

Third, I like every period of Rush music. There are a few albums I don’t love ecstatically, but over all, I can listen to their entire studio discography without skipping that one album that really doesn’t sit well with me. Rush never made that album. Damn near every other band I love has, but not Rush. They keep changing from album to album, never repeating, never retreating, always challenging themselves to do something they haven’t done before.

Fourth, despite the fact that my music sounds almost nothing like Rush music, I consider them one of my great influences, both musically and lyrically. I even enjoy Geddy’s singing. Comes to that, I enjoy Alex’s singing voice. *chuckles* 😉

Fifth, if there is one big name band I truly wish I could spend some time getting to know personally, I’d have to say Rush, because despite their conviction that they are boring, average guys, that’s the best part about them. I’d like to get to know them in a way that completely demystifies them, so I could enjoy them as regular guys who just happen to make some of the best music to ever come out of this country.

Finally, I’m not going to do lists or anything lame like that. I WILL make this solemn promise that, when their next album, Clockwork Angels, finally comes out in the spring, I will be reviewing that sucker with great anticipation. Look for it.


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