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On a Wing and a Prayer

January 30, 2012

I haven’t had too much to say in the last few days. I apologize for that. The fact is, I’m stuck in a bit of a rut and haven’t been able to shake it and get down to work. I’ve had the same short story open for days, and am stuck at 601 words.

It’s a story I started weeks ago and trailed away on because I didn’t know how to get from the start to the end in 2K words. I kind of know how to do it now, but I can’t seem to take the next step with the story. As it is, I’f already written the end in and just tied the ends together at the start, so there’s nowhere left to go except down. I may have to do something I rarely ever do: rewrite from scratch.

It’s not that I think my words are so precious they can’t afford to be edited or rewritten. I don’t have any true opinions about my stories at this stage in their existence. I just know that something was working there, and I’ve gone and buggered it up because I don’t remember what I was trying to do with it. I could end it here and walk away, but there’s still something that needs to be said, and for some reason, I’ve forgotten the words to say it with.

The original intent was just to hinge a story on this remarkable device, the Ice Hearth, which is basically a Franklin Stove made not of iron but of a special type of ice that retains so much coldness that it dissipates heat almost immediately, refreezing any parts that are melting almost instantly. As such, it makes for the perfect heater, because it can warm an igloo without melting through the ice. It also makes a nifty crematorium, for those that go in for that sort of thing.

I mentioned somewhere the other day that a friend inspired me to find the heart of the story, and I succeeded. The problem is, it’s a few days later, and much of my inspiration was borne of anger, which is something I don’t retain well. Anger has a way of leaving me hollow and tired, and I wind up apologizing more than ranting. I still rant, but they’re fairly toothless these days. Well, fairly…

I tell you all of this so you’ll understand why I’ve been taking a much needed break. I actually have a strong compulsion to go take a nap. so it should come as no surprise that I’m kind of eager to take a break from all of this and get some rest. Not likely.

I AM thinking of taking a break from this blog for a bit. Haven’t decided yet. I’m just so over-extended, and it hasn’t really been paying off as of yet. I still maintain the other blogs, but I think that’s pretty much the point. I need to find a new project to use this blog to boost; something that I don’t discuss on my main blog. I’m not ready to start writing new novels under this pen name as of yet, though I think that’s just because I haven’t made too much headway as Lee Edward McIlmoyle, let alone have time to build up a catalogue of Eddie Mack stories. Eddie Mack is the voice I kind of invented for my narrator back in 2002 or thereabouts, and frankly, I’ve sort of become that voice in much of my blogging. What I might have to consider is using the Eddie moniker for some of the LinkTales material, since that’s what he was created to pimp to begin with. Maybe the Tartarus stories, since I started this blog talking about them as Eddie’s next novel.

I could even use some of the other pen names for some of the other sections, kind of like how Rodney and I had separate sections in the original Link: West book.

Or maybe not. Maybe I just need a short break to get my energy back. These blogs don’t take too long for me to writer, even with the spelling errors corrected.

So yeah, I don’t have a project to flog at the moment. I hope you can forgive me. Maybe tomorrow, after I’ve caught up on my rest, assuming I do.


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