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What I Hate Most About The Internet…

January 27, 2012

…is that there is absolutely nothing I can consciously do to provoke interest in what I write and distribute on the internet. It’s the opposite side of the same coin, really. No way to gauge what really works. The metrics are too broad. There might be some scientist with an algorithm program so sophisticated that she can anticipate what Wil Wheaton will blog about next, when Warren Ellis will next post about drinking single malt scotch, or when Amanda Palmer will next post pictures of her naked body, but I suspect even that program would get it wrong some of the time. It’s all up for grabs, as near as I can tell, and at the same time, there can be no real way of making the internet love what you have written.

Even me mentioning those names won’t really do a thing for me. Not really. If I tag those names and generate traffic to this blog, and then don’t offer anything further about them, I’ll just piss people off. Some people. Maybe most of them. But a few might decide that’s alright, so long as I had something else relevant to say, even if it has nothing to do with the people I mentioned.

For the record, I don’t claim to be friends with any of them. Wil and Amanda are just two performers/internet celebs I read on Twitter who amuse me. I follow several such people, including Felicia Day, Neil Gaiman and Stephen Fry, but then, who doesn’t?) Warren might have some vague idea about who I am, and has spoken to me ever so briefly on two or three occasions (once to give me shit for flirting with someone a little too much; it was a fair cop), but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like me, or perhaps to be more accurate, is entirely disinterested in me. That’s alright. Some of the people he DOES dig don’t do a thing for me, so it’s not really company I’m gagging to be included in. Wouldn’t mind an occasional nod, but I’m not crying in my beer over it. WEF was fun, though. I miss WEF. Something about the new forum just doesn’t feel quite as… friendly? Not sure that’s a good word for WEF. Maybe I just miss the time when I was on WEF. My life is quite different now, and I wouldn’t have time for it if WEF was still going. Maybe that’s why the new forum doesn’t seem as personal to me. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Anyway, enough about that. Yesterday, I finally got around to listening to Bruford, the band Bill Bruford built around the same time he was doing UK, after King Crimson had folded. I’m enjoying a lot of music from that period right now. It all sounds like stuff I quite wish I could play. I still remember a young guitars I met at a bar, who offered to come over and jam with me one day because we had similar interests. I managed to piss him off by saying Bill Bruford was the Ringo of the progressive world. He thought I was being facetious. I just thought he was being a little too precious and snobby about comparing Bill to Ringo. There are points of comparison, not least of which being that people loved playing with both of them, and they both lead their own bands for decades after leaving their high profile gigs. They both drew heavily on jazz, both had a refined touch and great taste, and were both great innovators. After that, the comparison admittedly breaks down, but still, I think he just didn’t have proper respect for Ringo. But the Bruford material is a lot of fun.

I need to get a bit more writing done, and then I need to get changed into some proper clothes and get some natural light in this apartment, so I can draw. I have to ink the lettering for Limbo Cornice, so I can scan it properly and fly the lettering around inside of my composition for the book cover. I don’t think I’m up to drawing full lettering on top of the composition just now, but I might at least be able to rough it out and apply the lettering afterwards, so JP will know what he’s up against when he illustrates the final image.

I feel like there’s another point I want to make, but I suspect I should save it for later. Maybe a brief review post about the comics I’ve been flipping through. I’ve been browsing the New 52 for the last few months, and I have been making little notes about my thoughts on them. Some of my notes might need revising first. The more time that passes, the less important my thoughts seem.

Back to work. Thanks for reading.


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