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My Shortcomings Are of an Economic Nature

January 26, 2012

Gut Mornink, Mein Macklinks.

Listening to Sparks this morning. L’il Beethoven at the moment. Fun, odd, hard to describe album.

I’ve got this set of documents open in front of me while I try to work out how to do a video for The Bride of War. Of all the visual skills I’ve picked up over the years, I’ve had little time or opportunity to sort out video, so I’m kind of spitballing plans and not making much progress. I know I’m not using Flash, thank goodness. Just trying to decide if I’m gonna try doing it in Adobe Premiere or search for one of those free and easy vidding programs the kids are into these days. Then I have to figure out whether I’m going to use animations or fades for the text transitions. So many different ideas, all based on techniques I’ve never tried.

I’d get someone to do this for me if I had anyone able to do it who has the time and willingness to work for cheap/free in exchange for something I can provide at a future date. Sadly, I have no such people. If only I were John Green… the Nerdfighters would be an awesome resource if I were able to ask favours of them. Some of those people have mad skills.

Man, it’s years later, and I still think Dick Around is the perfect anthem for my life. Headbanging to neoclassical rock with my headphones on, naked and wondering if I should get dressed and make coffee for my wife.

I can arrange pages all day long, but this project has to look good in video format. *sigh* Gonna have to bite the bullet and look for a tutorial, I think. One more thing I don’t have time to read.

Gary is supposed to come over to make music today, but I haven’t heard from him in days. This usually means he won’t make it.

Time to save the documents and go get dressed. Even if Gary doesn’t show up, there’s plenty of non-computer work to be done today, starting with the new cover design. I have to ink the lettering so I can get a decent scan of it, and there is much drawing to do.

Have a great day, folks.


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