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You’re Never Gonna Know This World Without ‘Em

January 15, 2012

Good Afternoon, My Lovely Mackaholics,

I apologize for not posting earlier. I’ve been a little caught up in trying to do some administrative stuff. I’m feeling a little worn out and empty headed today, owing in part to the activities of the past few days. I’ve been making music, stripping wallpaper, settling rattled nerves (after a minor car accident), and making more music, as well as working on several short story anthologies, which have been keeping me from working on my novels.

I’m also experiencing some headache and backache left over from yesterday’s home renovation activities, so to be perfectly honest with you, I’m run down. So instead of wasting your time, I’m going to point you to the stuff I’ve read today that interests me most. I promise not to make a habit of this:

My Agent wrote a book review of an older book by Elizabeth Bear.
Elizabeth Bear wrote a review of a book by a guy I don’t know, but who has also written an Arabian Nights themed book, so I will have to check it out at some point.
And Lee Edward McIlmoyle wants people to read his Ebooks so bad, he’s planning on giving one away.

Okay, time to go buy some french fries for lunch.


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