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Well How Do You Plead? An Actor Indeed! Go Relearn Your Lines.

January 11, 2012

Good Morning, Mackronauts. Leave your spambots in the cloak room, please.

Kind of a long, quiet morning designing book covers for a mystery series. I stumbled upon a design for the logos that looks kind of nifty, so I’m implementing the the entire quadruptych all at once. I’d show you, but it’s under an alias, and what fun would it be if I gave it away too soon.

I’ve been thinking about these covers for some time. I originally conceived of the book as one single edition, but I hadn’t really worked out how long it would be. When I finally did, I realized I’d have to write a novel about 250,000 words long (approximately nine hundred to a thousand pages). This didn’t really bother me too much, except that I knew two things:

1) mystery novels usually do not run for 250,000 words.
2) it’s hard to sustain a single mystery for a thousand pages.

Point #2 explains point #1 pretty neatly. However, my problem from the start was that I had at least four mysteries to unravel anyway. It’s the way I write. I tend to pack in a lot of subplots. I’ve tried to curtail it, but it’s a losing battle. Some folks like research; some folks like asides; some folks like character studies; I like multiple narratives.

At any rate, the plan now is to write four separate, overlapping volumes and bring the word count up to something more like 28-32K and basically relax about word count.

Uh oh. I just got the Blue Screen of Death on my desktop PC, and I have to get dressed and ready to help some friends fix up their new house before they move in, so I have to go. Hope you folks have a great day.


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