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I Forgot the Words and Melody

January 4, 2012

Welcome back, Macketeers.

Sorry for the blip yesterday. I’m actually getting better, slowly, but I was so tired that, by the time I noticed I hadn’t received my customary message to start writing an article, it was past 1:30, and I was feeling crummy enough not to care.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been working on a series of short stories, most of which aren’t complete yet, but it’s coming together. I find it interesting that, after all these years of thinking of myself as a novelist, that I’ve begun to write so many short stories. The market for these things isn’t at all what it used to be, but I still find it intriguing to write these myriad vignettes of the worlds I’ve created.

I try to draw links between them all, but at the same time, I try not to make it a complete narrative, so as to avoid the problem of writing a new novel for every story idea I have. Considering how many ideas I’ve got on the list, if I wrote them all as novels, or even incorporated groups of them into a handful of novels, I’d be writing for another five years, not including the numerous novel projects I already have on the go. I’ve gotten just old enough to grasp the idea that not every idea is a novel.

Some of them suggest a longer story, but really, for now, it’s better if all but a few of these stories come in at around two thousand words. 2K is a nice, manageable length that lets me tell compelling stories without padding them out. Get in, get out.

The plots and story shapes suggested themselves as I conceived the list of titles. A few I’m a bit hazy on now, but I find the titles evocative enough that I can get the thread back pretty quickly. That’s the nice thing about being good with titles. I can slap a label on a concept that tells me exactly everything I really need to know about the ida, even if I don’t take the time to write down the idea.

That’s largely down to personal frame of reference, really, but if yours is broad enough, you can get away with plotting a collection of stories with a list of titles and nothing else. How cool is that?

I’d love to tell you more about the project, but really, I’m not sure when it will be finished, and it seems premature to start promoting it before I’ve got enough done that I know how much signal to put out. Suffice to say, I have four stories done, three or four others started, and dozens waiting for at least a cursory stab. I suspect it will take me several months to complete, but I do hope to have it finished and ready for publishing by my next birthday.

Okay, time to get back to work. Thanks for reading, gang. Don’t forget to feed your spambots.


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