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And You’re There Once More In Some Forgotten Story

December 31, 2011

Good Afternoon, Macketeers.

I’m clearing the ears with an old classic, Canadian New Wave band Spoons’ ‘Old Emotions’. It’s an old favourite of mine that’s great to hear after all this time, and in such a fine rip. I can hear stuff in the track I hadn’t really noticed before, which is nice. I’ve thought more than once that this would be a good song to cover live some day.

I suppose today is the sort of day you look back over your shoulder on, wondering where the years and the people and the dreams got to. I’m as guilty of nostalgic remembrances as anyone, really, so it’s nice that we have this one day a year when we’re more or less expected to do that, to pay tribute to the things that have kept us on the planet.

In the past year, I achieved a few things I had begun to suspect I wasn’t ever going to get to do. I published no less than five novels and collections of short fiction. I started a number of writing and blogging projects, and made plans for writing that could keep me writing until 2014 without stopping to dream up new ideas.

Of course, what would really make this year great would be if a few more people would buy my books, but at least a few have sold, which is a nice start. Perhaps the new year will bring greater financial success for me. That would be nice.

I don’t really plan on making any New Years Resolutions; I’ve grown tired of making promises I can’t keep. But I will say that I wish my writing career really takes off next year, and that more friends come to visit me than they did this year.

Much Love and Happiness,


P.S. I’ll be back later with a new record review. Stay tuned.

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