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Too Much Attention, This Rock and Roll Suspension

December 28, 2011

Guten Tag, Mein Macketeers.

So, I seem to be set to random today, flitting about with numerous projects, pushing the whole lot forward in tiny increments instead of the much more logical focus-on-one-title method favoured by people who, you know, actually get shtuph done. Yes, I’m aware I have the wrong strategy. I’m hoping to shift gears in a bit. The caffeine is more broken than my favourite mug, which is sitting forlornly in the kitchen sink, awaiting disposal. The only thing keeping me going right now is the Missing Persons discography I have playing through the headphones at the moment.

Missing Persons is kind of a funny bird. They sort of just missed being an international hit like Duran Duran and bands like that, because it seems that they were perhaps a little too good, as certain bands of the early 80s were. Too much musicianship and perhaps a little too much determination to make it big at any price. Sadly, as their music became more accessible, it would seem that the music became less satisfying for the band, who ended up breaking up in 1986, after having more or less failed to make a big enough dent anywhere.

Of course, there was one other, seemingly much more significant problem: Dale and Terry Bozzio couldn’t stand each other anymore. They were married in 1979, after having met while both worked for Frank Zappa. However, they seemed to have grown apart during their Missing Persons years, and some of the lyrics seem to suggest that their relationship wasn’t exactly based on solid family values, as they say.

What they left behind, aside from three studio albums, a few compilations of dubious necessity and a collection of ‘lost’ tracks, is a pretty solid collection of solo works and super group projects following the group’s demise. Warren Cucurrullo spent fifteen years propping up an ungrateful Duran Duran; Terry Bozzio has played world class drums for just about every rock star worth the title, as well as playing with some of the finest studio musicians on two continents; Patrick O’Hearn has recorded some movie soundtracks as well as  some of the finest instrumental (I hate using the label ‘New Age Music’ for stuff this dynamic and powerful; New Age to me is pan pipes and ocean noises) music to come out of the whole Private Music catalogue; and even Chuck Wild, part time keyboard player in the early days of the band, also went on to record a boatload of instrumental synth music under the moniker Liquid Mind.

There have also been a number of reunions and attempted reunions, but the deal breaker always seems to be that Dale and Terry can’t stand one another. Considering we’re talking about an egotistical prima donna and a guy who has been hitting stuff very fast and very hard for over four decades, you would think they would have moved on, but it seems that, at least when they’re together for too long, they start finding one another unbearable. Such is life.

What I would like is for Terry, Pat and Warren to do a proper album of new music without Dale, because really, I don’t care that much about her singing. I just love their music. I like the vocals well enough, and the lyrics are pretty cool, but honestly, I could have lived with the project being entirely instrumental, and that’s down to the fact that the three of them are amazing musicians and composers.

So yeah, wishing Warren, Terry and Patrick (and maybe Chuck) would set aside some time to make something special and unique. I think it’s well and truly past time this did so, for the fans. They don’t even have to call it Missing Persons. For my money, I’d be just as happy to hear them under any name, short of The Dog Barf Trio.

Hmmn. Well, I wasn’t expecting to chat about Missing Persons this time around, but I feel better for it. Thank you for reading.


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