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And I’m So Glad That My Baby Is Coming To Rescue Me

December 24, 2011

Good Morning, Macketeers!

I hope you were all careful not to bring any spambots in with you. That’s just not cool.

So today I’m still feeling sort of awful, but happily, I’m in writing mode, so at least I can manage an article for a change. I’ve got Jimi blaring through the headphones, and while I don’t have a topic yet, I can feel one coming (to rescue me).

Well, I guess the topic on a lot of people’s* minds right now is, “What are you hoping to get for Christmas?” Well, personally, I just want people to read my books. But while all of that has been going on, my agent (you remember my agent, right?) has been wishing that I’d get an eReader. So I now have one. Yes, I got an early Christmas present for myself. I’d have wrapped it and waited, but really, it’s not like there is going to be this great unwrapping ceremony here. No kids, no money**, and really, no incentive to be silly with wrapping paper.

The nice thing about it is, I can now test out my ebooks to make sure they’re working properly. I’ve already uploaded a number of titles to the book, testing out the graphics and presentation, the fonts and the interactive elements. I’m not crazy about how dickery the hotspot linking feature works, even on my brand new eReader, but at least I can see how thing swill look when I get all of the links sorted out. I’ll know I have a usable product when my agent and I are both able to navigate my interactive novels.

Sadly, I’m still feeling a bit crummy, and I’ve been up for hours due to insomnia, so I’m gonna go put my head down for a bit. If you’re in the mood to, maybe comment below and tell me what you’re hoping to get. Thanks for reading.


* Knowing full well that some of my readers have little or nothing to do with Christmas celebrations, nevertheless, I hope somebody gives you some sort of gift to celebrate Saturnalia, which is definitely my kind of holiday, pagan or not.
** Yes, I know I just bought an eReader. The thing is, I shouldn’t have. I’m only hoping the new year presents solutions to my money problems.

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