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You Can Always Get It Right Next Time

December 22, 2011

Good Afternoon, Macketeers,

One of the interesting things about being an author is that you have the opportunity to tailor-make your own history. In a very real sense, that’s what I’m doing here. Not so much prevarication as mythologizing, legitimizing. Fixing the damage done by years of poor decisions.

See, the first and most important error was thinking I needed to take a break from writing to get mature enough to write the  stories I was having trouble with back in my twenties. My so-called writing career, which I tease folks about on this blog, might actually have been up and running in a more significant fashion if I’d been any kind of business man in my youth. If I’d had a mentor back then, I’m sure they would have told me to stick with it and not be so precious about my stories, so I could get them written and move on to the books that actually would sell. I just didn’t want to face the awful reality that my early novels wouldn’t be accepted simply because my voicing was obviously immature and derivative.

So what goes on here is, I take bits of my history, drop them in a blender, mix them up a bit, poor them into stainless steel molds and pop them in the freezer, and then take lots of pictures of them when they’re solid. The stories you read about here exist, but they may not be precisely as I explain them here, or they may have a different title.

I tell you all of this because we’re coming up on the holidays, and it’s getting difficult for me to make time to write, and I want you to understand what you’re reading, even if I only rarely mention it. Like most good stories, there’s a combination of fact and fiction here on Eddie Mack Avenue.

Thank you for reading.


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