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You Never Close Your Eyes Anymore When I Kiss Your Lips

December 13, 2011

Okay, it’s Tuesday, I’ve had a couple of questions, but not enough to really do this thing. Should I place a deadline on this? That’s what people usually do, right? Set a time limit and hold your readership hostage? I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work with spambots. Real readers, maybe, but spambots can’t be emotionally blackmailed. So I guess I’ll have to set a hard limit for the real boys and girls. If I get more than ten questions, I’ll start writing fictionalized responses.

That’s ten unique questions from ten unique IPs. This isn’t about playing games with my personal friends (although I’m willing to write for them, too). It’s not a promotional device. It’s about fostering those people who actually come here to actually read the actual posts, rather than shill jock itch powder. I happen to feel real readers deserve to be treated better than spider programs and spambots.
Okay, enough of that.

I’m listening to modern Nik Kershaw, and I have to say, I really like it. This is a guy whose 80s music was heavily synth-laden and poppy, which suited me fine back when he was recording Wouldn’t It Be Good (the original version; it’s been covered many times, including for the Pretty in Pink soundtrack). The interesting thing is, despite his fondness for synth tones back in the day (one of his heroes is Tony Banks, a touchstone we have in common), Nik Kershaw is actually a guitarist, so when it was time to update his sound, he found it much easier than many of his synth pop contemporaries who had to downshift into heavily arrange piano tunes until 80s nostalgia finally reared its head.

So I’m listening to one of these modern albums, and thinking it sounds like the sort of stuff I’d write if I were a songwriter. (Shush, you!). My tastes in music are all over the place, but much like most pop songwriters, my actual interests in songwriting tend more towards carefully constructed pop masterpieces, rather than the grandiose or spontaneous stuff I like to listen to when I want my ears challenged. I suppose if I spent lots of time making music, I’d probably want to stretch myself and reach for some of the more tricky material in the back of my head. But conventional teaches us to walk before we run. I certainly did a lot of running before I was ready when I was younger. Maybe a little too much.
Okay, new topic, please.

I’ve slept for approximately seven hours. I should be feeling pretty refreshed. I don’t. I suspect it was that bit where I woke up at 2:30 AM and had to sit up for a while until fatigue took me again. Next time, I’m making myself a drink. I woke up about an hour ago and felt as hung over as if I’d taken a sleeping aid. If I’m going to be hung over and dozy no matter what, I say have the drink first. Enjoy the sin before the punishment is meted out. has a senior editor who is reading through Alan Moore’s most well-known work and writing articles about them. He’ll be doing it for a year. I haven’t had a chance to properly read any of the articles he’s got up so far, but I plan on reading them.

Speaking of reading, my agent has me reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. I remember trying to get through the first book before and not making it because the tone wasn’t quite what I was looking for after having read some Dashiell Hammett and having seen the (cancelled) TV series. This time, the book appears to be working properly for me, which is nice, because I’ve been having trouble making time to read lately. Maybe I’ll be able to game master those RPG sessions after all.

Okay, I’m still pretty drowsy, so I’m gonna end it here. Hope all the readers are having fine days. Spambots, not so much.



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