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You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

December 10, 2011

There is an old adage about the best laid plans of mice and men. Just lately, none of my plans seem to be coming to fruition. I’m sitting on a pretty full bag of disappointments, and I have no one to blame but myself. I mean, no one who will own up but me, at any rate.

My point, though, is that there really isn’t much to be surprised about when plans go awry, because let’s face it, we go in knowing it can go wrong. Some of us may refuse to believe it publicly, but in private, we all know we rolled the dice, and the odds of success were always fifty fifty at best. A few of us get hung up on this, but most of us just accept defeat gracefully, or as gracefully as the circumstances would permit.

Thanks to circumstances largely beyond my control, I’m blowing a deadline even as I type this. This displeases me to no end. Yes, I could be working on the stuff I’m supposed to be completing, but my head is fogged in, my back is giving me trouble, I’m uncomfortable and I can’t get focussed. All I really want to do is turn off the light and go to sleep, though I know I’ll probably sleep very little, simply because I still haven’t had enough time to visit a drugstore and renew my prescription of the bipolar drugs that also help my sleeping,

I ended up giving up for the night and going to sleep shortly after I reached that point in the post. I’d been sleepy since about 9 PM, so 11:30 PM was just about as far as I was willing to go, in my mood. I’m still kind of tired, but at least I’m more or less functioning and the keys on the keyboard haven’t jumped two spaces to the left.

I’ve got Anthony Phillips playing today, though I’m not convinced he’s what I need. I suspect I need something just a bit heavier to get my brain started.

*Wanders off to change the music… comes back after having put on Dream Theater*

Okay, that seems to be getting the blood pumping a bit more.

So, today I get to edit and publish an old, old piece of science fiction I wrote for a friend. It’s a piece loosely attached to my Quantum Gaslight Chronicles, but it’s more futuristic in tone. It’s also been more or less ready to go for years, but had a few flaws that needed fixing before I finally released it into the wild to fend for itself. It’s a piece of space opera straight out of TV land, which I called DUST: Implicit Reset. It’s actually lightly based on an old roleplaying game my high school chums and I used to play, coincidentally called Teenagers From Outer Space, although it also has some influences from another game we played around the same time, called Paranoia. I didn’t lift story points from those systems; merely borrowed incidents from those campaigns to stick in my own continuum. I figure twenty years is long enough to see if any of my friends had similar intentions.

Anyway, I’m not getting much work done sitting here, so I guess I’ll get this puppy posted and get back to it.


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