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Alles Neu

December 7, 2011

So I made the mistake, ever so briefly, of getting into an argument about political slant in the modern media, and what I found was that there are still some real live wires out there who insist on being horse’s asses when they get the bit in their mouths. Nothing can convince them that there isn’t a liberal media bias any more than I can be convinced that it’s a big conservative myth used to cripple what liberal voices are still standing after three decades of Rupert Murdoch and his cronies carefully disassembling modern media.

What astounds me is that, though it’s obvious that they’re just trying to preserve their won territory, that segment of the population is absolutely graceless in their denial of intellectual ground. They’ve won the high ground, and they’ll be damned if they’re going to give it up, even if their stewardship of the collective political thought of the Western World has been fairly conclusively shown to be criminally fraudulent.

Having made it clear that I’m an old lefty liberal type, I’ll probably get more comments on this post than I’ve had since I started this blog, and they’ll all be chants of ‘Die Lefty Die’.

Okay, we need a new topic.

So, do you know of any modern creative types who periodically shoot off their mouths on the internet, revealing that you don’t have to be sensitive or intelligent to get work in the entertainment business. It’s remarkable how, even as I stand on my rickety little soap box here, there are people working in places like the music business, the movie industry, and even little corners like the comics industry, who use their considerably larger platforms to spew spiteful invective at anyone who dares to question the status quo. They argue that, so long as you have people like Obama nominally in charge, there is too much rampant liberalism in the world. They know he has a lame duck presidency, but that doesn’t matter, because the only important fact is that there isn’t a Bush in the White House.

If they can’t get another ridiculously small-minded arsehole in charge, they will continue to feel put upon, even as their liberal government works harder to assure that they have health care and higher wages.

Oh, wait, I’m still arguing the same topic. Sorry.

Maybe I’d better go cool off and come back later, after I’ve gotten the bile out of my mouth. Thank you for reading.


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