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Let’s Hope It’s a Good One

December 2, 2011

I’m sorry that I was late with thisI’m typing this on the laptop while I’m waiting for music to finish uploading to my brother’s computer. I’m giving him some lessons on how to operate his computer.

Did I mention that I have a brother. A sister, too. My agent tends to take care of my family’s computer tech problems, but today is the second Saturday that he has had a computer. My brother is a special case; when he was still a baby, he was diagnosed as having Down’s Syndrome, and though he is quite clever, he’s developmentally arrested at the age of a young teenager. He’s actually a year older than I am, but we generally refer to him as my little brother, because he is much smaller than I am. Little trivia about me.

I’m currently showing him where and how to find cute cat videos. He’s also a bit of a sports fan, and likes 80s music as well. He has about as many tech toys as I do, but this is his first computer. My agent has been pushing for him to get one for ages.

Now he’s watching the bit with the talking cats. And now it’s the talking beaver welcoming people to Canada. I should get a job welcoming people to Canada. Welcome to Canada. See? I can do this!

And I’ve just helped him send a fan letter to one of his favourite bands of all time (no, I won’t say which one. He deserves some privacy, at least.)

I have to go check on the laundry machine. I apologise for not having a proper post, but as you can see, it’s been a bit busy today. Thanks for reading.


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