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So Give It Up For Anger

December 1, 2011

There isn’t a lot I really feel the need to say right now, simply because I’ve been fighting off a headache all morning. I am not, as they say, an exemplary patient. As such, I’m going to give myself just five paragraphs to find and make a point, after this introductory paragraph.

P1: Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of The Moon’ may seem to some of you to be a hoary old dinosaur, but I have to tell you, the album hasn’t lost a thing for me, and I really enjoyed listening to live recordings of it years later, which just seem to bring the whole thing back to life for me. It’s not my favourite concept album, but it is one of the finest.

P2: David Gilmour’s On An Island album is without a doubt the most Floydian album of his solo career, which makes it funny that he decided not to make it a Floyd album, which he could have done quite easily, given Richard Wright’s involvement.

P3: Honey badgers are not as cool as John Green thinks, but that may just be because I’m a Canadian boy, and we like our wolverines… which I have never seen in person. But I’ve seen meerkats. Not the same thing, but cool, nevertheless.

P4: My tea is cold, but then, I find that kind of reassuring, on a psychological level. If I have cold tea, it means I’ve been busy and haven’t managed to drink my tea fast enough. Kind of a benchmark for a good day’s work, really. Yes, I’m a bit eccentric. Yes, I have a microwave that works. Stop looking at me like that.

P5: My headache seems to be slowly fading at last. Good thing, given that I wouldn’t be able to take any more Advil for a while, after the double dosing I just gave myself.

Well, that’s all you get. I’ll try to get back later to write something a little more entertaining later, or tomorrow morning at the latest. So long as I remember to keep the humidifiers full, this shouldn’t be improbable.


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