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I Feel Free

November 26, 2011

Hi, Gang.

Been up for a while reading and filing things, and the sun is beginning to creep into the sky. Seems like a good time to reach into the bag of topics and see what I’ve got to talk about today.

*reaches in… rummages around a bit… pulls something out… looks at it funny*
Hmmn. Seems I accidentally reached into the spam filter instead. Hope this stuff washes out.

Actually, there’s an interesting one here that probably shouldn’t be in the spam filter, as it seems to be a critique of the site. It’s in pidgin English, so I’m gonna paraphrase it:

I hope the next site I find doesn’t disappoint me as much as this one does. I know it was my choice, but I’d hoped that your blog would offer something insightful and interesting, instead of whining about things you can easily fix yourself if you weren’t trying so hard to gain attention for yourself.

I haven’t included the woman’s name, because I’m not at all sure it’s an accurate name, given that her email address seems to be a commercial site, which is probably how she got filed in my spam filter in the first place. Now, I could assume that this is just a clever new twist on the whole ‘con them into thinking you’re a real person when you’re just a scripted bot trolling for return hits” and be done with it, but something struck me as odd. You see, I know that I do in fact complain about problems here and in other places on the internet, so I’m not indisposed to the idea that some people would find my tone off-putting at times.

The thing that catches me up a little is that the post they decided to complain about was in fact fairly relentlessly positive and proactive, so I guess I must have bored her with the previous posts, until it just came down to ‘too little, too late’, you know what I mean?

Either that, or her English comprehension is worse than her comment reads.
However, giving her—you know, she needs a name: I’m going to call her Cassie—giving Cassie here some credit, I do sometimes grumble and whine about stuff that, strictly speaking, isn’t that important. Declining hit counts and low Ebook sales, as well as whatever financial woes I may be dealing with just then aren’t the sorts of things strangers come here to read, and may be a large part of the reason so few are reading now.

To which I say ‘Whatever’. As paradoxical as it may sound, I didn’t really start this blog to draw in thousands of perfect strangers who wouldn’t have the patience or interest to read more than a few lines and move on when they realised I’m not a Big Name Author, and that I’m just as likely to talk about my laundry as I am about writing or the state of the world today. I started this blog so I could make friends with a few dozen people—more would be nice, but hey—over time and perhaps convert them into loyal readers. It certainly couldn’t hurt sales to actually make a few life long friends. Most of the people who have bought my books in recent times have been people I’ve met or become good friends with. It’s not paying the bills yet, but at least I’m not working in the bowling pin factory.

See, I’m not a sales drone, and I’m not the Dalai Lama, either. I don’t always have news about what you should be reading. I don’t always have pearls of wisdom for you to digest. Some days, I just want to talk about stuff we all go through, whether you think it’s good conversation or not, Cassie. Is there some law of blogging that says I shouldn’t talk about my life or interests unless I can put an entertaining slant on it? Because if there is, I suspect it’s filed beside those infamous plans to demolish the Earth to make way for an intergalactic freeway.

So if you came here seeking the secret to Life, the Universe and Everything, I’m sorry to report that the answer is still 42, and you’re going to have to try a little harder to come up with a more precise and direct question if you want me to talk about something that is relevant to your interests.

Anyway, I’m deleting the aforementioned comment, not because I don’t think my response isn’t up to the task of answering the accusation adequately, but simply because it does look like it might in fact be spam, and I’d rather not leave spam links on the site.

In other non-essential news, I am listening to Cream, with doses of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Blind Faith, Jimi Hendrix (both with and without The Jimi Hendrix Experience) and Derek & The Dominoes to follow. If you had told me even a couple of years ago that I would start listening to this stuff with any regularity (again? I wasn’t much into this stuff when I was a kid, either. More of a Beatles fan when I was young), I would have looked at you pretty funny. Aren’t you glad I waited this long to start the blog and begin regaling you with my musical epiphanies about the psychedelic 60s. Of course you are.

Anyway, your Uncle Eddie needs to go make something caffeinated to drink. Hope everyone has a swell day. Also, hope you’re not too disappointed with me, Cassie. 😉


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