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We’re Running Out of Time

November 23, 2011

Sorry I’m running late. Busy, busy, and busy, with a few more helpings of busy to follow this post.

When I decided to start this blog, it was more as a matter of necessity than of true desire to spend hours writing about myself. I’m not really a very public guy. I’ve had a twitter account for a few weeks, and I’ve probably posted to it a half dozen times. I’m not a technophobe, and I’m not antisocial. I just don’t spend enough time online to make steady tweets, like some of the numerous celebrities I’m nominally following there.

I spend rather more time in fantasy worlds: sometimes the ones I happen to be writing; more often somebody else’s. I don’t read as much as I probably ought to, but when I stumble across something good, I get pretty engrossed in it. I’m not asking for suggestions. I have lots of people in my life who read a great deal more than me, and they’ve made plenty of welcome ones. I’ll get to them.

I also watch a lot of movies and television. More than I’m happy to admit, though I’m proud to say I don’t watch just whatever happens to be on. I’m very selective with my television viewing time, and in this day and age, it’s not necessary to waste time on programs or movies you aren’t interested in simply because it’s all that’s on at the time. Life’s too short. I quite watching television because the programming stank most hours of the day. It still stinks, but there are gems at certain hours of certain days worth checking out, when it’s convenient to my schedule.

You’d think from this that I must spend most of my time writing for television. Not so. I’ve dabbled, but nothing extraordinary has come of it, so I’ve stuck mostly to print.

There was one show I tried to get piloted, which would have been my own thing with my name plastered all over it. I was quite proud of the concept. It was a sort of medieval setting, except that there was a twist. A modern girl wanders into the setting and tries to figure out how she got there. That isn’t the twist. We’ve seen that before. What we haven’t seen is a world inveigled by walls of fog separating villages and cities and hives of different races and species of sentient creatures, all more or less blissfully unaware of their surroundings until this girl shows up and starts wandering through them trying to find her way home. The world was going to be called Haven (just missed that bullet), but the series was going to be called The Veil. I thought it was a great series, and I even had the beginnings of a production crew scouting locations and feeling out young actresses to play the lead role.

Sadly, the only network that showed any interest also had a shakeup just a few months into the process that lost me the only people who cared, and the new suits swept me out with the trash.That wasn’t the last time I got involved in writing for the medium, but it was the last time I tried to executive produce a program of my own devising. What little money I’d managed to get to start the show quickly vanished paying off the fledgling staff, and that little party we had to put it to bed. I haven’t had the heart to try again.

I suppose I’ll just write a book instead. Maybe a series. I think I could swing that.

Time I got in the shower and got around to those errands I mentioned. Thanks for reading.


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