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Would You Let My Goodness Invade You

November 17, 2011

Still feeling a little crunchy this morning, kids, so I’ll ask you to extend that good will from yesterday. I feel like I was up all night drinking scotch, when all I really did was take a pill to help me get back to sleep. I had trouble explaining to my doctor what I didn’t like about taking that pill, but it had been so long, I’d forgotten. Now I remember. Hangover. Remind me of this later, okay?

Okay, so by my score card, I’ve shared a little about three of my books, and I still haven’t heard from anyone actually asking me about the books. I’ve had a couple of spirited comments from some intelligent women who handed me my hat over the issue of politically correct language, but other than that, it’s been pretty quiet in here. If this was the old days, I’d just think nobody knew I was here.

Thing is, WordPress has this handy site stats page that tells me everything I could ever want to know except what you thought of the logo. I know you’re reading this. I can see you. Wouldn’t it be nice if you actually told me what you were thinking about the stuff I’ve been sharing? I don’t bite. Probably wouldn’t even if I were inclined to. The site stats page doesn’t tell me where you’ve been. 😉

I’ve been talking a lot about music in this blog as well. That’s just a habit of mine. I don’t mind talking music with you if you’re so inclined. I listen to quite a lot of it. Not very good with modern hip hop (I have a fairly worn copy of a Run DMC album on vinyl somewhere around here) or modern electronica (I still own copies of Tangerine Dream’s early catalogue).

But mainly I do books, with the occasional sideways drift into nostalgia. But maybe I’m not talking about what you want me to. Maybe I’m talking about the wrong books. What books would you like to talk about?

Gonna cut this one short. Still feel a bit gross. You folks take care, and I’ll try to get a more coherent post out later today, after the caffeine has settled in.


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