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Golly Gee What Have You Done To Me?

November 17, 2011

It’s another early morning here on the Avenue of broken dreams, kids, and you know what that means. Yes, you guessed it: another damned missive from your favourite uncle, Eddie Mack. Whee! Break out the party favours!

Okay, maybe I’m not feeling so good today. Early rising is an old, familiar dance for me, but my body is no longer used to having to generate enough go juice to ride out a whole day after an early rise and late bedtime. I got less than four hours tonight. Don’t expect candies and flowers. This is going to be a little rough.

So I’m editing an old, old story I wrote about a woman whose job it is to unravel the secret research findings of a group of criminally irresponsible rogue officers who decided to go into business for themselves as a sort of professional lynchpin to any military efforts, because they presumably would be the only people in full control of one of the most important technologies available to humanity. My character Jordan gets herself in a heap of trouble trying to reverse engineer some of their findings, and ends up getting infected with a space-borne spore cluster that piggybacks back on one of her living probe droids.

She winds up locked away in a special prison with medical facilities, where they can keep her for further study without civil rights forces coming to her raid. What she gets instead is a visit from her assistant, Jesse, who tells her the project got scrapped and all of their research lost when they vented the entire laboratory to clear the spore-load. And then Jess initiates a jailbreak. Fun times.

So yeah, pretty involved story, but I haven’t looked at it closely in years, and frankly, I realise I can’t put it out in its current form, as I’d hoped, because it needs a hell of a lot of tweaking. That process has begun in earnest, though I’m pretty sure Earnest might have a few things to say about that. What I do know is that I wrote a lot of detailed background information that no longer applies, since I moved it from a commercial IP universe to my own Quantum Storyverse setup. The process actually started ages ago, but I wasn’t thinking seriously about how to publish it until just recently.

So here I am again, mixing misery and sputum, as my lungs are wheezing and my brain refuses to shut down for another few life-saving hours.

In other, less fictional news, I got my agent a gift she’d been needing for a while: a new set of strings for her geetar. It’s a nice blond with lots of curves, and the new strings really bring out a lot of her character, which the agent seems to like. Another convert to the wonderful world of clean strings.

Well, I think I’ve babbled enough. Time to get back to work. Or sleep. Whichever comes first.


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