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Get Your Mind Together

November 15, 2011

Okay, you lot, keep it down in back. I’ve only had four hours of sleep, and I’m not as spry and pleasant as I usually am today. There may be lives at stake, or at least some bloodshed.

So, the police bulldozed Zucotti Park and forced the Occupy Wall Street protesters out. That won’t be the last we hear of that fracas. My agent thinks they should be occupying Bowling Green or Battery Park, though she suspects they probably haven’t gone that route because they might actually be more easily removed that way. Still, their right to civic protest would certainly hold more weight if they did it on actual public property, which most of Manhattan in the financial district is not. Battery Park has actual amenities and running water, and is several times larger, and can play host to a much larger group,and happens to be closer to the Exchange AND the Bull, and the Battery has more symbolic value in Revolutionary history.

Meanwhile, up here in Canada, it seems Occupy Toronto has been handed their eviction notices, and given that we’re Canadians, we’ll probably honour them. I’m kind of hoping the kids will stick it out. Frankly, we don’t have enough rabble rousers north of the 49th for my tastes. Too many people willing to sit back and watch each other get buggered senseless by our ‘elected’ tyrant, Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I didn’t vote for him, and I’ve rarely been so at odds with our elected officials as I have been since he started remodeling Canada into his own warped image of America. Even my American friends realise that the American Dream has been co-opted and bankrupted by the lobby groups, so why in the world would we want to follow suit?

It’s another problem that the world we live in has had trouble coming to grips with. We have ‘evidence’ that Communism failed, and we’re sticking to that ‘fact’, even though socialism has been the backbone of both Canadian and American society since the (last) Great Depression. It was necessary then, but we’ve all convinced ourselves that the real saviour of society was the advent of World War II, which is utter crap, and isn’t a solution at all, particularly when the wars being fought today are largely unsanctioned and have been draining the public coffers dry. Fortunately, that too is coming to an end, as Obama finally withdraws the troops from Iraq. We can only hope that won’t prove to be too little too late.

Hmmn, you know, I wasn’t planning on making this a political post. I didn’t really have a plan at all, to be honest with you, but I certainly didn’t think it would be about this.

I suppose I should sum up, so I can get back to work. We’re all looking for answers, and some of us think we’ve got them. But the truth is, any so-called ‘answer’ that disenfranchises large segments of our society in the process is no solution. Any solution that fails to benefit all of society is a failure, period. We need to open the doors to the boardrooms and conference rooms, the Senate and the Parliament, listen to what we the people are really saying, and actually do the jobs they were hired to do. Either that, or they can all go home and be replaced by people less-inclined to bow to corporate pressure. It’s highly idealistic of me to say so, and not just a little naive to assert that no one has thought of it before, so I won’t imply either. It’s a complex problem and it really will take everyone working together for a change to bring about real change and real recovery.

If only more of us were willing to open our mouths and speak our minds, regardless of whether we feel we have full possession of the facts or not. How else can we determine who needs clearer answers and help getting up to speed? I suppose the argument is simply that a lot of people do not want to put themselves in the line of fire for reeducation, out of pride as much as an unwillingness to give up what little free time we have these days. But this is the price of citizenship. You can’t really claim to be taking part in a democratic society if you aren’t trying to understand the problems of the day and help to achieve real solutions to them. Excuses don’t cut it. Pointing fingers doesn’t either. Even our political rivals want a better world, though their idea of what would make the world better might not be as inclusive as yours or mine. We really do need to come together on this, and all of the divisiveness and backbiting and name calling and finger wagging of the last decade, and even the last four years, has achieved exactly nothing… unless your objective all along was to widen the gulf between the citizens and the resources needed to make our society better for all of us.

It’s time to make a change, and that means doing some work to make things better,, whether we think we have time for it or not. We ALL need to start contributing to building the new world, because the old one is crumbling away beneath us.

And that’s me climbing down from my soap box. For now.


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