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Well She’s Walking Through The Clouds

November 14, 2011

Okay, so it’s 10:25 PM (that’s 22:25 for those that count that way; I haven’t in years), the agent is in her bed reading, due to the effects of a flu shot that’s pretty much knocked her on her butt. The storm seems to have passed, but the wind is still blowing pretty heavily outside, and I’m in bed with the laptop to do a late night post and maybe get in a bit of work on a story I’m writing for a friend.

Jimi Hendrix is playing something particularly wild, which seems to fit both the weather and the episode of Criminal Minds I just got finished watching (I love Tivo), about the guy who is gathering body parts in the path of tornadoes to resurrect his dead brother. Second in a row featuring a socially-canny killer who was severely traumatized as a youth. If I wrote stuff like that, I suppose I’d try my hand at a spec script, but their writing team is pretty tight anyway. And really, it’s not my thing.

There’s this van, owned by a woman my agent is convinced is running an escort service, who drives in and out of the parking lot of this building complex several times a night. The catch is, she has this peculiar ring tone as a back up alarm. The agent says it’s a song from the Lambada movie, which she just refers to as the Lambada song. Don’t let anyone ever tell you agents aren’t amazingly useful people.

NOTE: Don’t go to Youtube to listen to the song. It’s awful. Easy to find, but awful. And I thought the alarm was annoying.

Jimi’s playing up a storm tonight. How appropriate. Jimi was bipolar before they even called it Bipolar Disorder. Oddly enough, Manic Depression has been a favourite of mine for a long time. I actually got hooked on a cover of it done by King’s X, a band I got hooked on back in the late 80s, quite by accident. I saw the video for Black Flag… and didn’t like it at all. However, somehow, I came across a few cassettes of their early music, without knowing who they were (I’d blocked out the video), and upon playing them just thought they were the greatest.

Crosstown Traffic is one of my more recent Hendrix faves. I could play that tune a few times in a row, and you practically have to, it’s so short. Hendrix wrote fantastic pop songs when he wanted to, but he didn’t dwell on them much. I wonder if he liked them half as much as I do. I’m not as crazy about his delta blues turns like Voodoo Child, though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I can listen to the blues, but I’ve never been a fan of the slow blues vamps.

Well, I’ve been rambling for a bit, so I think it’s time to end this. I’ll catch you folks again tomorrow around noon. Goodnight.


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