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Whoa, Good Times We Had

November 8, 2011

Howdy, Campers!

There’s this unholy thing happening between me and Canadian band Red Rider these days. I’ve been playing this collection of their albums I got my hands on for the last few days, and they don’t get old. the only fly in the ointment is ‘Big League’, which I have never cared for, despite its heart-warming back story. Something about the tune just sounds out of place with the Red Rider canon, and points a little too clearly to his imminent solo career. I do enjoy his songwriting, but I can’t remember hearing any hits from his solo career that didn’t get on my last nerve.

We’ve been reworking the plans for the Author Unknown project, based on the fact that several people have signed on to write an ‘episode’ or two for the first ‘season’. Tom Cochrane and Ken Greer’s music is driving my efforts. I’m going to write a story called ‘Reverse Stream’, which is an old, old idea I started working on decades ago but didn’t finish, and yet seems to fit this project with very little tweaking. The protagonist’s name has changed to fit the overarching ‘season’ metastory, but that’s a small matter. It’ll be nice to see this story finally finished and in ‘print’, even though it’s really only slated for eBook publication, unless some kind of demand for a POD edition or some imprint package comes our way.

The really nice thing about this project is, it’s given me the incentive to finish this cast-off story, and it’s given me a nice framework in which to place it without having to lay down all of the groundwork myself. The series editor (who is writing a number of the stories himself) has a pretty big and detailed ‘world’ to work with, so the heavy construction is largely done. Just enough room for me to squeeze in a few of my own ideas, including the Gallery, which seems tailor-made for this continuity.

And the best part? I retain full ownership of my own ideas. Even my take on the titular protagonist can be a co-ownership effort (like the old Image Comics model, but cooler), if I want go to the trouble of reworking the Author to my specifications for my story. Think I’m gonna beg off of that and just try writing the Author by the numbers, but I’m going to take pretty serious liberties with this companion character, Daniel (does this guy even have a last name?), to make him fit my quantum cat burglar story better. I don’t think I’ll be making him into my original protagonist, Andrew Artley, but my story involves lots of alternate versions of the character anyway, so it should all be okay, and I may even give myself a backdoor for sequels without having to revisit this specific story again.

I’ve got a pretty strange tale to tell, which will probably stand out from the pack a bit for being so quixotic. I saw some of the storylines on offer and noted that a couple of them sounded like horror stories disguised as sci-fi, which isn’t really my thing, but happily, the series is supposed to have lots of variety, so I’m free to do something friendlier and altogether more oddball.

Got more work to do on this project today, even though it’s not due to go out for a while yet (the editor guy is pretty busy right now), because I want to get it pitched just right and maybe help guide the way the rest of the series is handled. Just doing my bit for the cause.

Better be getting back to the millenery. Thanks for reading.


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