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Six Days and Polyphony

November 6, 2011

Good Morning, Campers.

I’m sitting here thinking it’s customary to introduce yourself when you meet someone new, but I didn’t precisely dress for the occasion. My agent advised me to start a blog, and after having read a few by writers I admire, I think I’ve got a handle on what’s expected.

I’ve been doing this writing gig for a goodly thirty-five years, and yet most folks don’t really know much about me. I’ve written for comics, stage, games and television, but my main gig has always been writing stories about space and time. The problem with trying to find my work is that it’s all out of print at the moment, and you probably won’t have much luck tracking down used copies, either. I was too late for the New Wave Sci-Fi movement, but too early for Steampunk, and did a lot of travel while working on my grand love letter to Verne and Wells, The Quantum Gaslight Chronicles (also out of print). I may have wasted a few too many years writing television scripts that got aired once and vanished mid-season or and plays that never ran anywhere big enough to brag about.

Do you see what I just did there? Told you my main gig is writing books, and then I say I’ve been writing too many plays. My life has been full of contradictions like that. I’m probably going to talk a lot about those contradictions over the next while, when I’m not shilling one of my upcoming novels. I plan on self-publishing the older stuff as the contracts expire, but meanwhile, I’ve been working on a new series, The Procession of The Tartarus, about a space-faring, dimension-hopping sail ship made of gold. I’ll probably share excerpts now and again, but as my father taught me before he hit the road, always get paid, no matter what else happens.

Time to make the donuts, kids. Have a good one.

Eddie Mack.

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  1. November 6, 2011 12:58 PM

    Well this sounds interesting, love sci-fi! Blogging is a blast and I hope you enjoy it.

    • November 6, 2011 1:04 PM

      So do I. So far, it just sounds like added work, but my agent keeps telling me I’ll enjoy it after I get used to it.

      • November 6, 2011 8:16 AM

        One suggestion: I don’t know what theme you are using, but mine offers a widget that allows people to subscribe to the blog. They can enter their email address and then be notified every time I post an entry to the blog.

        You might find that a gratifying widget to put up there, the system keeps up with who is subscribed and their websites as well as their email addresses.
        Just a thought 🙂

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