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One a Day: I Want To Know What Is Real

November 6, 2011

Act One, Scene One

Sitting in boxer shorts with a Barenaked Ladies teeshirt to cover my bulk and smelling the wondrous smells coming from the kitchen as waffles and sausage are prepared, my only regret is that ther ewill be no episodes of Doctor Who to watch while we eat. It’s part of the traditional Sunday Morning Ritual, which I generally spend with my agent, who prefers to remain nameless. I can hear her rattling dishes as I write this, and Tom Cochrane sings a Red Rider song called Ships, which I honestly am not sure I’ve ever heard.

I’m a sucker for a good discography. No, that isn’t short for ‘disco graphics’, philestine. I like to collect entire recorded histories of musical acts I’m intrigued by. You get some real dogs that way, but you also get to hear stuff that you can’t believe never got radio play, or taht you at least come to believe fervently should have a wider audience. I feel that way about a number of somewhat obscure acts.

One of my favourite semi-obscure composer is Anthony Phillips, the original guitarist and heavyweight champion songwriter of Genesis. You only have to listen to about nearly any ten minutes of his solo catalogue to recognize a large part of where their early sound came from.

I say that with all respect to Tony Banks, who is without a doubt my OTHER most favourite semi-obscure musical personage. Even in Genesis, he somehow always seemed to be regarded as a minor talent, when in fact he is an absolute giant. Between him and Ant, they pretty much engineered the entire template for the first ten years of Genesis’ existence, even though Ant left after just a couple of tumultous years where he developed stage fright and had to leave for health reasons.

As you can tell, I’m pretty serious about music. In another life, I was a serious composer. Music informs much of what I do as a writer, and it creeps into my fiction even when it’s not a part of the story. You can tell by the seemingly arbitrary chapter titles I sometimes choose, which are quite often titles or lines of lyric form songs that just happened to be on my mind as I was writing or editing. If you start reading my stuff and catch the references, feel free to drop me a line.

Well, 12 noon is fast approaching, and that’s my self-imposed cut-off time for these entries. If I miss my deadline, I’ll probably get the post up later in the day, unless I’m dead. You can never account for being dead.

Eddie, listening to Light In The Tunnel.

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